A youth has their fortune told at a carnival. Will their future spiral out of control? Are some questions better left unanswered?
Place control of your future in fate's hands and draw from the Arcana Animalis.

A submission to GMTK 2020 Jam, "Out of Control."
From the team behind the 10th most rated game of GMTK 2019, Thomas Teaches Touch Typing, comes a interactive narrative experience about a cat getting its fortune told.

Programming, Writing and Sound: M. Vera
Art: A. Hill

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I really liked the small hints at lore for this world in each card :) the music is nice too! It seems hard to find games with looping music that isn't too repetitive, and this worked really good! The art is incredible as is with your other works. I love the idea of the future being out of your control, and the way you choose the cards your first decision is the one the most in your control. That your second choice is still up to half and half and the final card seems inevitable when you choose another on the second choice. Makes you think about which one you'd rather go through first and how you want your end to be :) I will definitely replay this at least once!

I don't really understand how it fits the theme...

Nice, not too much action but really is good approach to the Out of Control theme, and something different considering the hundreds and hundreds of games available. Really liked the art and nice texts! If you can take a time to check ours, it would be appreciated!

Can't help  trying out different choices. Different choices do lead to different ends. Hop that my death would be more peaceful than told. Nice game!

Thanks for trying out the different endings. Sorry about your unpeaceful death.

that's a pretty unique take on the theme!

Thanks, we spent a lot of time coming up with different ideas.

Wow. It is nice, especially the audio, but you dont feel as if you have any impact. And a lot of reading.